Christmas Cake Decorations

Make your christmas cake more decorative as ever

Premium Bandai, which is the official site of the Bandai, is now receiving huge reservations from customers and that is exactly for a particular item. People in huge number are placing orders for cakes decorated on special characters like Miki Hoshii in advance. Miki Hoshii is a popular character from the Idolmaster game series.

Miki Hoshii Christmas Cake Decoration

Miki Hoshii Christmas Cake Decoration

Source: YattarJapan

The cake that has been named as “Idolmaster Christmas Cake for Honey” (it’s a translation in English because the actual name is in Japanese) is actually a gift from Miki to the producer, who is known as honey in the game. The cake has been developed to see the end scene of the Idolmaster 22 series that screened a Christmas night in the production studio (the production studio 765)

The cake is rectangular in shape and it is made of different tasty ingredients. There is sponge cake that is of champagne flavor, fresh peach and whipped white cream has been used for filling and it has been topped with frosting which is of Muscat flavor. The surface of the cake has been decorated with a model, made of chocolate that represents the production studio-765. Both chocolate and whipped cream has been used to prepare the model.

The Christmas special cake has also been accompanied with the figure of Miki Hoshii, the most popular of Idolmaster characters. Here she has been dressed as Santa. The figure of Miki Hoshii sits top of the cake and it has been used for display only. The retail price of the cake is 3999 yen and will be available from the beginning of December.

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Winter is the best time to try different foods and satisfy your taste buds. This is also the time for celebrating the biggest event, Christmas, which is synonymous with cakes. This year, surprise your guests with exciting and innovating Christmas cakes. How? Check out 20 best inspirational Christmas cake ideas this winter.

Santa as Snow Angel Accompanying Snowman

20 Inspirational Christmas cake Ideas this winter - Santa as Snow Angel Accompanying Snowman

It looks amazing to see Santa lying over vanilla made snow and the Snow Man watching him from a distance. The top layer of the cake comes with a chocolate made cottage with Christmas lights and snow covered (vanilla) roof. The next layer is a vanilla mud and the bottom layer is a fruit cake covered with vanilla layer.

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Sometimes simple ideas can transform the way a Christmas cake can look. This video explains how simple ideas can be turned into gorgeous Christmas cake decorations to make it look good. Simple tools can be used for making easy decorations. Here tools like spatula, dowels, smoother, a measuring scale, and a big rolling pin is used for making the decorations. Dowels are used for offering support to the cake and straws are also used for making various shapes. For cutting details a knife is used and brush is used for painting or coloring. Rolling pins that come with engraved designs can also be used for getting nice texture.

Another kind of rolling pin is shown here, which has a ball on the other side. These can be used for making flowers and for smoothening the edges of leaves. When decorating with fondant, another trick is to use cutters, which are available in different shapes. You can use a turntable, if you wish to decorate your Christmas cake like a professional. Turntable with some height help the fondant to collapse, and makes it easy to work with it. Remember to use water for putting all the Christmas cake decorations together on the cake.

How to do fast christmas cake decorations

There is good news for busy people, who have not yet decided what they will do with their Christmas cake. With Christmas approaching, Linda Hartell started a cafe, where people can shop for speed Christmas cake decorations for decorating their cakes in the last minute. The shop will sell homemade jellies, puddings, and chutneys and a number of other crafts and Gardenalia for the customers. Another good thing about the café is that people will show the way to decorate Christmas cakes within a short time of just one hour. This will surely be good for very busy people.

How to do fast christmas cake decorationsThe cafe will sell many other goodies meant for Christmas cake decorations and it will conduct different events for customers. Buying Christmas gifts and cake decorations at the same place is very convenient, especially for those, who did not have time to do intricate cake decorations or who want to save some time decorating the Christmas cake to devote time for other preparations. The shop, Gargrave, is named after great aunt of the owner, who as a keep gardener. The shop is dedicated to vintage Gardenalia like a lawnmower belonging to the 1950′s. However, for this season, the cake decoration demonstrations and speed decoration items are going to be the main attractions.


At times, when everyone is conscious about their health, enjoying all the treats of Christmas becomes a hard thing. However, this season you can enjoy this gluten free Christmas cake with the help of easy to make Christmas cake recipes. Here is one of gluten free cake recipe for those, who want to enjoy this Christmas without worrying about their health.

Ingredients required for this cake include:

  1. One ripe banana
  2. 100g of soya margarine
  3. Two large grated lemons
  4. 75grams of raisins and sultanas
  5. 100 grams soft prunes
  6. 75 grams currants
  7. 50 grams mixed peel
  8. 150 grams dried apricots
  9. Walnuts
  10. Two tsp baking powder (gluten-free for eggless cake)/two eggs
  11. Coarse polenta about 75 grams or 150 grams of gluten-free flour including xanthan gum
  12. 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  13. 2 tsp ground nutmeg
  14. 2 tsp brandy (brandy)
  15. Half teaspoon ground cloves


  1. Start with preheating the over at 300F or 160 C
  2. For beating all the ingredients, use a food processor.
  3. Start with beating the margarine or butter, whichever you prefer, with banana, a little bit of lemon rind, and lemon juice.
  4. Once done pour the batter into a bowl and mix other materials
  5. Mix all the seeds, nuts, or dried fruits, which will bring more texture to the cake
  6. If you are using eggs in place of gluten-free baking powder, then beat them
  7. If you are using gluten-free flour, or any other flour, then sieve it with baking powder (in case you are not using eggs for the recipe)
  8. Now mix all the spices with the batter
  9. Fold the beaten eggs in the mixture of the cake alternatively with flours
  10. After folding the eggs in the mixture add some brandy to it if you feel that the batter is too dry
  11. Line a cake tin of 8-incn/20cm with greaseproof greased paper, and after that pour into the mixture. Make sure to level it off
  12. Bake the mixture for almost two hours. To check whether the cake is cooked or not simply enter a skewer in the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean, then your cake is baked
  13. Remove the cake from the tin to let it cool down

You can either eat this cake as it is after it is baked or you can also store it for icing later on Christmas. So just, enjoy this healthy cake this Christmas.

Top 7 Christmas Cake Designs

A well-designed Christmas cake is not a treat for your tastes, but also a treat for the eyes. If you have a great recipe and you wish to give it a new look, then you should try some of the unique designs of Christmas cakes. A nicely designed Christmas cake also makes a great gift for your friends and relatives and for your family members as well. Here is a list of top ten Christmas cake designs, which you can try this Christmas.

1. Christmas Yule log

This is a traditional dessert and it can be filled with with butter cream frosting, ice cream,  cream cheese, and many other delicious fillings as well. One can also try another variation of this cake by using white cake. One can experiment with other filling options such as raspberry or mint.

2. Holiday Elegance

Those, who like classy Christmas cake designs, should go for this one. The cake looks exotic because of blue snowflake topper and chocolate fronting coupled with lace border. One can make mini cakes for everyone

3. Stacked cakes

Instead of avoiding your regular baking pans of varied shapes, use them this Christmas to design this unique Christmas cake. Just stack up cakes of different sizes one onto another to make it appear like a holiday tree.  Finish off the design with Christmas tree decorations and candles.

4. Holiday scene design

Replicate a holiday scene on top of your Christmas cake. Use plastic cake topper to bring out the holiday scene. You can try figures made with modeling chocolate or forming figures.

5. Red velvet cheer

If you have baked the traditional red velvet cake, then you can use simple designs to decorate your Christmas cake. Like in the picture, you can see how the green drizzle is looking great. Simple decorations help to highlight the bright red color of this Christmas cake.

6. Metallic Sparkle

Adding shine and sparkle to your Christmas cake is always a successful design idea. Use metallic accents like silver dragees or metallic cupcake liner. Shiny toppers are also available in gold, silver, and bronze. Therefore, there is no dearth of exciting designs.

7. Winter Berries

Using sugared or candied berries is a great Christmas cake design idea to make a simple Christmas cake look dazzling. You can also use filling of berries in the cake to add to the entire theme. A red colored border at the cake’s base is the best way to complete the look.

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If you were busy with your work or with your preparations for the Christmas, and you did not find the time to bake a typical Christmas cake, then there is nothing to worry about. With a few tips, you can save your time, and can also come up with a nice Christmas cake to surprise your kids or friends.

Keep the fruits ready

fruits for christmas cakeIf you already know that you will not be able to give too much time for baking your Christmas cake, then you can prepare the fruits in advance, by soaking them in rum.

Use a trick to prepare fruits

If you are not prepared with the fruits in advance, then you can simply heat up the fruits in whisky, then leave it to soak overnight prior to adding it your Christmas cake.

Decide whether to use margarine or butter

margarine or butter for christmas cake

When confused between these two, do not waste time. Simply go for spreadable salted butter that is light and gives a buttery flavor as well.

Choose quick recipes

There are recipes of fruit cakes, which take half the time of standard Christmas cake. Search online finds a quick recipe for baking your last minute Christmas cake.

Get brown color

When you have not prepared your cake in advance, you can put raw-cane brown sugar instead of normal sugar to get the dark color of your quick Christmas cake.

Use quick decoration ideas

Instead of getting deep into difficult design and decoration ideas, go for the quick ones. Use royal icing and sprinkle some glitter on top of it to make your cake look sparkling.

Use glace fruits

This is another idea to make your cake look good. Using glaze fruits is easy and equally fascinating. You can simply line up glazed nuts and fruits to give a nice look.

Use jelly sweets

One can also use jelly sweets for decorating the Christmas cake and can finish off the look by adding a jam glaze or just brush the jelly sweets to make them look even shinier.

When you did not get them at all

Those, who had missed their chance of baking a Christmas cake can use a shop-bought cake, but skewer the top of the cake and feed orange juice or brandy weeks before you plan to serve it to your guests. This will add more flavor to the cake.

Buying chocolate cake is another alternative for a traditional Christmas cake. Just decorate it with a plastic ribbon and some gold leaves to add glamour to your ready-made cake.

There are many possibilities of using sugarveil for Christmas cake decoration. You can take one or two sheets of sugarveil depending on the size of the cake. This will enable you to cut the sheets for wrapping the entire cake. Here are a few simple steps to use sugarveil.

How to use sugar veils for decorating Christmas cakeStep 1:

Start by splitting the sheet into three strips with the correct side up. For this, you can use a sharp scissor and place the sugarveil on greaseproof paper for trimming. Use roller cutter for accurate cuts, and then trim the strips into the number of pieces you want.

Step 2:

Once you have cut the sugarveil strip into pieces that is sufficient to cover the circumference of your cake, you can use a damp towel to press a little on the cake’s side. The towel should not be very damp. Pressing the damp towel will help the sugarveil to stick on to the cake.

Step 3:

Then slowly and gently place the pieces on the sides one by one, to wrap around the cake for making a border. Use your fingers for pressing down the sugarveil pieces.

Step 4:

For covering the joints, one can use different kinds of designs. For making such designs, you can use color and royal icing. You can use a paper guide for making the design and can place acetate sheet over the design guide.

Step 5:

After filling the royal icing mix in a bag, squeeze the bag gently to fill up the design with the icing. Once you have filled the design, let it dry for some time. Once they are dry, they will easily pop out from the sheet, and then you can use these designs to cover the joint of the sugarveil.

Finish off the entire look of the cake with a nice ribbon on top of it.

Those, who are in search of a simple way of decorating a Christmas cake can try this one. Very easy to execute butterfly cake decoration. This video shows how one can make a beautiful looking butterfly with gum paste. Mercedes Strachwsky, explains how you can use the gum paste dough and then roll it out to make cut outs with the help of a cutter. The gum paste can be easily modeled to make the shape of the butterfly and one can use different colors with the dough to attain a nice look. Simple tools like a toothpick can be used for making the eyes, and the rest is done with colored dough of gum paste only.

This cake decoration idea leaves a huge scope for experiment, as you can try different colors to achieve different designs. You can easily use your hands, small tools for bringing out the shape of the butterfly with gum paste dough, starting from the wings to the antennae. One can use various colored dough for making varied designs, and then the butterfly is ready to go on the top of your Christmas cake. The same idea can be used for making many other pretty shapes for the Christmas cake.

When it comes to holidays, gingerbread is a treat for everyone. Gingerbread is a well-liked treat in medieval Europe, and now this spicy delight is a very enjoyable treat in America. Bakers bake small and large gingerbread figures coupled with small figures, snowmen, bells, menorahs, stockings, and even tree ornaments in sugar cookie dough and gingerbread. These decorations are also available in not so presentable forms to enable people to decorate them with colored frosting’s to achieve different looks at home and pop up their Christmas cake’s look. Even gingerbread man cupcakes are much liked for the holiday season.

Catherine-KaufmanGingerbread is popular across the globe, as it is evident from of the love of gingerbread cookies in Germany as well. The gingerbread houses are also very admired by people. Nowadays, bakers also put forward the option of customizing gingerbread cake decorations, and some even write messages and personalized names on the decorated gingerbread people. This gives the opportunity to implement several other creative ideas with gingerbread decorations. Gingerbread men and even female matching parts are made with cinnamon, molasses, flour, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. What makes these people look great is the glossy icing, which give a very attractive look to gingerbread masterpieces.


How to Decorate Christmas CupCakes

Cakes are the most important food item for the pious festival Christmas. From kids to grown up people everybody likes to taste this soft and creamy delicious item while enjoying Christmas parties with friends and family. Even diabetic people also don’t deny to have a bite. However, here it needs mentioning that people like to eat cakes not simply for its heavenly taste. Individual

Cakes are the most important food item for the pious festival Christmas. From kids to grown up people everybody likes to taste this soft and creamy delicious item while enjoying Christmas parties with friends and family. Even diabetic people also don’t deny to have a bite. However, here it needs mentioning that people like to eat cakes not simply for its heavenly taste. Individual Christmas cake decoration also draws attention of others. Today we will learn how to decorate cupcakes, which is though very popular among kids but is preferred by a few elders as well.

Step One:

Before you start with decorating Christmas cupcakes, you should know that preparing the cupcake properly is important. Otherwise, the decorative materials will not fix on the cake smoothly. You can bake the already baked cake once and then start with decorating it.

Step Two:

You will need some materials to decorate the cake perfectly. The most important ingredients that are required to decorate a cake are whipped cream, (which is also known as white frosting) and green frosting. The white one is required to decorate the bottom portion of the cake and the green one is needed for the top portion. Along with this, you will need candies, red and green sprinkles to use as decorative items.

Step Three:

Now we will start with decoration. At first, we will decorate the top portion of the cupcake with the whipped cream (or white frosting whatever you say). Then you have to use two layers of the green frosting so that you can put the holy leaves on the cakes perfectly. Then after finishing with green frosting decoration, you have to use the red candy. Generally, cherry is used but to give it a modern look, the candy can be used as a tasty alternative. Then spread the red and green sprinkle around the cupcake.

Now, a tasty, sweet, delicious and yummy cake is ready to serve.


How to Decorate a Christmas Cake at Home

You can prepare hundreds of delicious dishes, especially desserts to treat your guests during Christmas, but the treat will not complete until you serve a tasty, yummy and lip-smacking cakes, which will melt as soon as you take a bite. Hope you have already collected many Christmases cake recipes visiting different sites, but have you decided anything about cake decoration? Well, there is nothing to worry if you have not done this job yet, because we will share the ideas of best Christmas cake decorations here. Today you will learn how to decorate a marzipan cake.

How to Decorate a Christmas Cake at HomeStep One:

You have to choose different Christmas items of your preferences to decorate marzipan Christmas cake. The things that look great on these cakes and give it a new look are- sugar pearls, decorating sugar and silver dragees. You either can use all these ingredients in a small amount to decorate the cake, or can choose a particular one.

Step Two:

When you are done by using the sugar ingredients then you have to decorate the special cake with different popular Christmas ornaments like reindeer, trees, etc. and the favorite tinsel.

Step Three:

As it is a marzipan cake, you can simply use some marzipan fruits to decorate the food item. Use the fruits according to their colors and sizes as topkins to give the cake a festive look.

Step Four:

If you want to develop a traditional rustic theme over the cake, you can try the simple idea. Make use of some pine cones for decoration. However, you have to clean the cones properly before using them for decoration. To give the cones a better frosted look, cover the cones with sugar first and glitters.

Step Five:

Finally, you can sprinkle some dried fruits, nuts and crystallized gingers to decorate the cake in a different way.

How to Decorate a Christmas Cake at Home

This was one of the easiest ideas for Christmas cake decorations at home.


Have Fun with Easy Christmas Cake Decorations

Here is a simple description about Christmas cake decorations in five minutes. Christmas is a season when everyone is busy. Under such situations, what would be better if a work pressure gets reduced?  This idea is taken from a video of Sweet Art Factory where Jill Foster (Owner) is sharing the easy procedure.

In order to decorate a Christmas cake, you need ingredients like Leaf green (Ameri colour), bamboo sticks, lipursh pieces, dark candies, red balls and other decorating balls. Small candies of different colours can also be used in place of decorating balls. In a level frosted cake, make hearts with green colored icing on each corner at the top of cake. Then use icing at bottom and make small “Us” entirely.

Use icing again and on the middle of the hearts at top, make a dull up. Take bamboo sticks one by one, fill them with lipursh pieces and then two dark candies of different colours. Place three bamboo sticks on different corners of the dull up area. Then place on the left lipursh pieces on 6 sides of the cake and in between use the decorating balls of different colours. Is anything left? Yes, the small red balls need to be placed in spaces at top of the cake on all sides. Your Christmas cake is ready for the occasion.

With the approaching festive season of Christmas, planning for the preparations to be made for the day has begun at a considerable pace. Cake constituting an integral part of the celebration, needs to be decorated in a very attractive way. You can follow a variety of themes for undertaking your Christmas cake decorations. From conventional normal and simple decoration to using eatable decorative items over the cake – anything will provide and adds to the theme of Christmas party.

christmas cake decorationsA simple layer of cream over the top of the cake with an image of the Christmas tree with stars and bells will be the perfect theme, in case you want to keep it simple. Other than this, you can even arrange for a large yummy cake and decorate it as a farmyard of Bethlehem, where the lord was born. An eatable replica of a small Santa Clause with his gift sack will also be treated as a theme for Christmas cake decorations.

After all, Christmas is a memorable eve when we pay our regards to the moment when The Lord was born on this earth. The cake being the symbol of the celebration of the eve needs special attention. Therefore, decorating it within an attractive and creative manner is one of the priorities that have to be maintained during the Christmas Eve.

Forget Baking! Christmas Cake Recipes Must Be… by ChefToddMohr

When you get your cake out of the oven, very often, you feel that it had not been baked properly and there is a fault with the baking device or some other baking issues. However, this is not the fact; the issues are not created out of baking but of the appropriate mixing methodologies. This video shows the main aspect of baking cakes is mixing the ingredients correctly. Therefore, you can conclude that more than baking, you need to focus on mixing. The three goals of mixing are to combine ingredients correctly and form a smooth layer, incorporation of air and proper development of structure. There are basically five types of preparation and mixing methods of cakes, which are creaming and two –stage methods for high fat cakes and chiffon, angel-food and sponge method for low fat cakes.

Are you getting married on Christmas? If yes then it is definite that you would desire for an awesome cake for the auspicious occasion. In order to gain idea about your Christmas wedding cake, you can seek help of a video from Confection Perfection helping you with different types. Two people – Annabelle and Rob are giving you ideas on the kind of Christmas wedding cake to be ordered.

Christmas Wedding Cake Ideas by VideojugFoodandDrink

Before ordering for the cake, you should consider few things – theme of the day, color’s game, number of guests etc. While choosing for colors, you can opt for red, purples, frosty including blue, silvers and whites. Obviously, you would go for traditional cakes including ribbons, cheese and roses on top. Besides you can order for holy leaves, stars, flakes on corners of the cake to give it a seasonal touch.

On the contrary, if you desire for something else then you can order cake with seasonal colours featuring Mr. and Mrs. Christmas with preferred designs on top. You might also order for Eskimo kiss with soft colors but is appreciated still. Apart if both of you prefer skiing; you can order for a cake with skiing dolls on the corners. Also you might think of twisted cake with seasonal touch or might opt for stuck seasonal gifts.

In order to gain contemporary feel, you can order for shapes, sizes and depths on the cake with seasonal touch of roses, cheese, flowers, etc. You might also prefer styled cake telling story of the auspicious occasion. Like the designs in front represent the bride’s veil, pearls represent her necklace and the grey ribbon replicates groom’s morning suit. And on sides, you can request for flakes, snow balls to add seasonal touch.

How To Make Christmas Cake – Vital Tips

Here is the procedure on how to make Christmas cake.

First step: List the ingredients. The video mentions ingredients for eight people, which are:

  • 450 gms (Currants)
  • 175 gms (Sultanas)
  • 175 gms (raisins)
  • 50gms (glass cherries-rinsed and dried)
  • 50gms (peel of mixed candied-chopped finely)
  • 3 tablespoon (brandy)
  • 225 gms (plain flour)
  • 0.5 teaspoon (salt)
  • 0.25 teaspoon (fresh grated nutmeg)
  • 0.5 teaspoon (ground mixed spice)
  • 225 gms (unsalted butter)
  • 225 gms (soft brown sugar)
  • Large eggs (4 pieces)
  • 50 gms (slivered almonds)
  • 2 teaspoon (black treacle)
  • 1 zest lemon
  • 1 zest orange
  • 3 tablespoon (brandy) – for additional flavor (optional)
  • 25 whole almonds (optional)

You would also require the following utensils required for making a Christmas cake:

  • 2 large bowls
  • 1 small bowl
  • Metal spoon
  • Sieve
  • Cling film
  • Spatula
  • Dessert spoon
  • Wooden skewer
  • Parchment paper
  • Baking tin (20 cm of diameter)
  • Cake mixer
  • Wire rack

How to make Christmas cake?

Second step: would be to soak all the fruits in a large bowl – currants, raisins, sultanas and peeled candied. Then pour brandy evenly over the fruits and then mix well and soak for 24 hrs.

Third step: would be to heat the oven by setting the temperature to 140 degree centigrade.

Fourth step: would be to prepare the lining. Then position the baking tin upside down into a greased proof paper. Take a knife and cut the tin around to make it a circle. After that, you need to take off the circle from the paper. Then repeat the procedure of making a circle done previously.

Fifth step: Under this step, you need to take the baking tin and grease it with a butter knob. Do not forget to grease the edges and bottom of the tin. Then place the circled paper into the tin and even butter it (paper) as well.

Sixth step: Make the flour in a large bowl by putting nutmeg, all spices. Now, position the sieve onto the bowl and pour flour through it (sieve).  Lift up the sieve and tap the sides gently so that the flour sifts in the bowl. Take the smaller bowl and break into it the eggs and whisk them together gently.

Seventh step: Mix the ingredients by adding butter and brown sugar. Turn on the mixer blender as per the setting and mix till the time it gets soft and fluffy. Then put the mixture of eggs into it (ingredients) and then it get mixed for next 1 minute. Then switch off the blender and remove the head.

Eighth step: Fold the mixtures and add onto it blended mixture of sieved flour and spices. Then create figure of eight movements around the bowl for keeping air in mixture. Then pour the mixed fruit, slivered almonds, glace cherries, salt, orange zest, lemon zest and lastly treacle. Then fold all the ingredients well

Ninth step: Be prepared to bake by spooning cake mixture in the baking tin; spread the mixture well. Then position the other circled paper over the mixture. Now place the baking tin into the pre-heated oven and bake it for 4 and half hours.

Tenth step: Remove the cake after the time; remove the cover; skewer the cake if its ready. If the skewer is clean then the cake is ready. Then release the cake or else give another 31 minutes for baking.

Your Christmas cake is ready to be tasted.

Every heart that is lingering in festive moods will leap with joy when they get an incredible chance to taste varieties of cake decorations on the Christmas cake displays. As we all know Christmas time is always a hectic period of time that include various exciting activities such as shopping, writing and sending greetings, wrapping gifts, cooking and baking yummy cakes. In this article there are some essential tips that will enable you to

Fruity nut treat

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Fruit nut treatsOne of the quickest pattern and designs that creates a delicious ambience is this fruity and nutty option. Simmer the apricot jam by sprinkling some water on a low flame and then cooling down for few minutes. Spread the jam with the pastry brush and fill in with nuts and fruits in three or more designs and never let it become more cluttered. Brush the cake with the apricot jam for that glazing finish and an attractive shine.

Royal icing decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Royal icing decorationsSoft royal icing the Christmas fruit cake is the one of the traditional secret of inspiring your loved ones during the festive season. Place a strip of Christmas paper or cake frill around the sides of the yummy cake. You can also make designs with the crimpers of cake pieces.

Snowflakes cream decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Snowflakes cream decorationsYou can decorate your classy Xmas fruit cake with snowflakes designs that can be easily done by even the beginners. Yet the amazing effect of those glittering creamy flakes is dramatically enchanting.

Pleated shimmer decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Pleated shimmer decorationsThe most elegant decorations for your delicious treat are the classiest and impressive method is the Pleated Shimmer Christmas cake decorations. The pleats are actually made by joining together cakes pieces that are cut as triangles and paste on them the classic royal icing toppings.

Stocking filler decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Stocking filler decorationsOne of the most creative ideas for decorating your mouth watering Xmas cake is the stocking filler decorations. With little effort by making little Christmas characters as dolls and placing them on the top most side of the cake adds glamour to the yummy cake.

Chocolate parcel Christmas cake decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Chocolate parcel Christmas cake decorationsYour gorgeous fruity cake will look like a precious parceled gift when you use the classic royal icing by following the baking instructions. You can keep it in the freezer much in advance until it is revealed on the Christmas celebrations.

Delicious edible decorative ideas

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Delicious edible decorative ideasIn recent times edible cake toppings such as Santa’s hat or crushed chocolate or pudding cake decorations are few innovative ideas that will create long lasting memories and impressions.

Candy cane Christmas cake decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Candy cane cake decorationsCut and arrange with caution the fruit cake that is made as I shape in order to form a candy cane shape. Spread on these stripes yummy buttercream icing. With fondant you can create berries and leaves to give a classic finish.

Xmas tree decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Xmas tree decorationsOne of the most simple and easiest methods of Christmas that are prevailing in this world is the Xmas tree decoration. You need to bake a large fruit and nuts cake and frost with royal white icing. Then draw the shape of Christmas tree and fill it with green colored icing and sugar. Make garlands with red licorice ropes and hard candy balls.

Snow globes Christmas cake decorations

10 Delicious and Funny Christmas Cake Decorations - Snow globes cake decorationsYou can create round cake pops that will resemble the sizzling snow globes. Then roll these cake pops in some colored candy and set it aside to cool down. Then you Can melt candy coating snow globe cake pops to decorate the sides of the fruity cake and spray the colored sugar crystals over the candy coating to create a gorgeous looking cake.

A Christmas cake is perhaps the soul of the eve, without it, probably all faces participating in the festival will be roundly grumpy. Now, the decoration ideas for a Christmas cake have to be simple, less time consuming but still extremely effective. You can decorate your Christmas cake in a palatable manner (as shown in the video), with assistance by expert confectioners, Rob and Annabelle, who serve at Confection Perfection. Annabelle here brings out some gorgeous effects over the Christmas cakes, which are easy to execute but seems very decorative at instances. You can implement these methodologies with icings and observe your cake acquiring vision-catching effects.

Annabelle suggests to work with as many cutters as possible, because the greater the number of cutters, the increase in your number of designs. Miss. Confection Perfection works out with this effect through a plenty of cutters, which all depict Christmas trees: tiny medium and large. You need to cut your icing with a cutter, to derive a Christmas tree impact on it. You can use white icings or even color it to your choice. However, the video suggests maintaining decency with contrasting colors, such as, white icing against black background. Christmas is a festival of joy and chirp, so your cake needs to be bright and decorative in order to pace up with the joyous environment.

The video also emphasizes 3D effects with her icings. She cuts a Christmas tree shaped icing into halves and place each half on either side of a complete Christmas tree shaped icing. She also uses sugar paste icings to make tiny gift-boxes type impressions over the Christmas cake. You can cut sugar paste icings into small cubes, and then pipe around it in slim layers in the shape of a ribbon. Annabelle says that one does not need to be too good at piping to bring out these attractive depictions, only a bit of concentration is enough.

Therefore, you can see, that Miss Annabelle imposes a complete solution to Christmas cake ideas, which are enough to satisfy you for this year, and she promises to bring out more for your delight.

There are many ways by, which you can learn how to decorate a beautiful Christmas cake, but watching it; get decorated, is the best. The easiest way of decorating a cake is by using sugar icings shapes. You can decorate your cake by using icing flowers and leaves. All you require for decoration is a prepared cake without decorations, icings of different colors, shapes to cut icing. You can take red sugar icing in order to make rose, for that you need to first roll the icing and you can then take these cut shapes and roll their edges with the ball tool, so that the ends get uneven and thinner.

Each flower needs 3 such shapes. You can then place all these shapes in a cup made from aluminum foil, so that they get curved into the shape of a rose. Place shapes in such a way that they are not exactly on top of each other. You can also make leaves in similar fashion. If you want to know more on how to decorate a beautiful Christmas cake, you can take help of online video sources as it is the best way by which you can easily learn the tips and tricks of it.